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Information on alleged home invasion/shooting in Atascocita Shores :

I can only give general information on this subject told too me by Precinct 4 Constables due to ongoing investigation. This was not a home invasion, however it was an in house disturbance shooting and everyone involved is in custody. The person shot was not killed.  


Message from the ACIA BOT


Dear ACIA members,


      The Board is proud to announce a “pilot” program between ACIA and Harris County Precinct #2 maintenance department for improving the areas within the ACIA community.  With the help of the residents and an established procedure set up by Precinct #2, this will be a community wide effort focusing on identifying and reporting County maintenance items. Leigh Pollard at Sterling Association Services will be the contact for the “pilot” program by receiving your emails and reporting them to the proper officials within Precinct #2.


      Harris County Precinct #2 also addressed the following:

       1)       Overhanging trees in the ROW (Right of Way) maintained by the County or blocking street lights.  A community member’s tree is considered an obstruction to first responders and needs to be trimmed if it is hanging in the road less than 18’

      a)       If the tree is on an individual’s property, contact Sterling to issue a compliance letter.  If no action is taken, Sterling will report the address to Harris County Precinct #2.

      b)      Precinct #2 requires written permission from the owner of the address in order to trim the tree and the tree will be trimmed at the expense of Precinct #2.  

      2)       Pot holes, street problems, etc.:  report to Sterling and they will submit to Precinct 2.  At least it is reported, it is then up to Precinct 2 to repair. 

      3)      Signage on ROW’s public streets:

       a)      Without cluttering the homeowners curb, Precinct 2 will repair, replace or install appropriate signage upon request from the ACIA. We just need to know where. Email your requests to Sterling.

       b)      You think a speed deterrent is needed, we can at least ask. 

    •  c)    Precinct 2 will install any “enhancements” to county signs as long as ACIA pays for the materials. Enhancements include items such as flashing LED edge lit signs (stop signs, speed limit signs, curved road, etc.) and radar speed display signs.


      4)    Curb maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the Owner and requires a County permit.  The County has written specifications on the best way to make a curb repair. http://hcpid.org/permits/docs/driveway_regs.pdf They are more than happy to provide them to you. 


      5)    Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services department can play a role in compliance enforcement of high weeds, dilapidated pools and other “nuisance” items.  It is suggested you not only report these items to the Association, but also to HCPHES for an increased chance of seeing immediate results.


      This is a pilot program and probably will have some hiccups until we iron them out…but it is a start. More to come “MUD’s 132 and 151 will play a huge part for the betterment of the ACIA community”


 Solicitation of Candidates

In accordance with 209.00593 of the Texas Property Code, the Association is soliciting candidates interested in running for the board.  There are currently two positions open for election with one incumbent running for re-election.  If you would like to have your name placed on the ballot for the November 12th annual meeting, please submit your written request and include your name, e-mail, property address and a brief paragraph (150 words) about yourself to be received no later than noon on October 9th via one of the following methods:

Email:   rose@sterlingasi.com

Fax:        832-604-7093

Mail:      Atascocita CIA c/o Sterling ASI – 562 Kingwood Drive, Suite 13 – Kingwood, TX  77339

Your name will be placed on the ballot and your brief statement about yourself will be included in the November newsletter and posted on the website.




 Dear Homeowners:

The Board of Directors for the Atascocita Community Improvement Association will hold a regular meeting on Monday, October 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00:pm., at The Overlook 20114 Pinehurst Drive, Atascocita, TX 77346.

The subject of the meeting is general business of the Association, including but not limited to, discussion of items related to the Association budget and expenditures as well as discussion of repair and maintenance of the assets owned by the Association.  An appeal from the denial of an architectural application may be considered during executive session.

Discussions involving personnel, pending or threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, and confidential communications with the Association attorney, matters involving invasion of privacy of owners, and other matters that are confidential by request of an affected party and agreement of the Board are discussed in executive session.

We hope you will join us to hear what is going on in your community!

Very Truly Yours,

Atascocita Community Improvement Association 


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National Night Out
[October 6, 2015]
Start: 6:00pm
End: 9:00pm
Location: All of Atascocita CIA
Regular Board Meeting
[October 26, 2015]
Start: 7:00pm
End: 8:00pm
Location: The Overlook: 20114 Pinehurst Drive
Annual Meeting of Members
[November 12, 2015]
Start: 7:30pm
End: 9:00pm
Location: The Overlook: 20114 Pinehurst Drive